Foton Auman Voyager Provides a New Generation Solution for Green Transportation

Foton Auman Voyager Provides a New Generation Solution for Green Transportation

Fast: Abundant power, high horsepower, ensuring timely delivery for fresh green cargo

Truck drivers often joke that there are three fastest things on the highway: fish out of water, overheated pigs, and green passage trucks running late. To ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables, shippers often set strict transportation deadlines. If truck drivers fail to deliver on time, the trip would be in vain. Powerful performance guarantees timely delivery.

For ensuring transportation efficiency, Foton Auman Voyager medium-duty family is equipped with the Fokker F4.5T 240 horsepower engine with a rated power of 176 kW and a maximum torque of 900 N.m, the highest in the same displacement. With a low-speed torque of 780 N.m, it provides quick start and noticeable low-speed response advantages. Additionally, with the unique dual-stage turbocharging technology, the vehicle's adaptability to high plateaus is significantly improved, maintaining torque at altitudes up to 2,000 meters and overcoming altitude challenges with ease. Alternatively, truck drivers can choose models equipped with the Yuchai YCS6 270 horsepower engine, offering a maximum torque of 1050 N.m and a B10 life of one million kilometers. Proven through more than a decade of market validation and improvement, it can easily handle heavy loads and complicated road conditions on long-distance trips.

Reliable: To ensure cargo safety, vehicles must be stable and dependable. Foton Auman Voyager family is built on a new platform with modular development of the entire vehicle body, chassis, and electrical system, significantly improving reliability and ensuring efficient transportation for truck drivers. Through scenario-based research, virtual simulation analysis, and reliability growth testing, the vehicle can stably and safely operate under various road conditions, ensuring the safety and quality of green passage cargo.

Economical: Low fuel consumption, lightweight design, maximizing profits
With frequent fluctuations in fuel prices and stagnant transportation fees, fuel efficiency has become a vital factor in helping users break free from the low-rate "vicious cycle" and achieve profitable earnings. Foton Auman Voyager family inherits Foton's fuel-saving genes, using advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption. Based on green transportation scenarios, it achieves integrated vehicle adaptation calibration and verification, and comes with the EBP fuel-saving function, intelligently adjusting engine output torque and speed according to load and working conditions.

The Fokker F4.5T engine adopts a two-stage turbocharging technology with a series-connected design of high-pressure and low-pressure turbochargers, increasing the air intake volume. This not only improves the engine's low-torque performance but also enhances combustion efficiency for better fuel efficiency. At a vehicle speed of 90 km/h, the engine runs at 1480 rpm, the most fuel-efficient speed range. The Yuchai YCS6 270 horsepower engine reduces fuel consumption by 3.5% compared to China V standards and extends the economic speed range by 55%. With ample torque reserves, it improves the vehicle's high gear utilization and efficiency, resulting in significant fuel cost advantages.

Considering the users' loading requirements, Foton Auman Voyager adopts a lightweight design, allowing for compliant loading of more cargo. This significantly enhances fuel economy and logistics efficiency. The new generation 700L high-strength all-steel frame and other key components made of aluminum alloy lightweight materials effectively reduce the vehicle's weight. Compared to competitive models, it reduces weight by 260 to 320 kg, allowing for higher earnings with larger cargo capacity, fully reducing costs and maximizing benefits for green passage users.

Enjoyable: Comfortable and less fatiguing, putting people first with technology
The high-demand for delivery efficiency often results in truck drivers spending long hours on the road, leading to fatigue. Furthermore, most green passage deliveries are scheduled between 12 am to 3 am, requiring a comfortable driving environment. Foton Auman Voyager continues the family's appearance and interior design, providing a people-oriented comfortable experience. The vehicle features LED headlights with daytime running lights, providing higher brightness and a wider illumination range. Dual-side sealing reduces noise by 30%. The water-circulating heating system warms the fuel tank, ensuring easy start-up in winter. The electrically adjustable and heated side-view mirrors automatically defog in rainy weather, offering truck drivers a more pleasant driving experience.

Considering the limited space for vehicle maneuvering in the green transportation market, Foton Auman Voyager adopts a large-angle front axle and large-diameter steering gear for flexible steering and turning. The four-way adjustable steering wheel integrates various functions for convenience. To provide truck drivers with a better rest environment, it comes with the widest berth in its class, offering a spacious and comfortable sleeping space, reducing fatigue. Since green transportation involves long-distance travel, truck drivers need to maintain a state of high intensity and concentration for an extended period. Foton Auman Voyager adopts multi-functional airbag seats with breathable ventilation, fully protecting the driver's waist and reducing physical fatigue.

As a green passage expert, Foton Auman Voyager family is always efficient. Committed to fully upgrading transportation equipment, Foton Auman Voyager enables green passage users to enjoy a more efficient, comfortable, and safer transportation experience with the help of technology, satisfying both truck drivers and shippers, promoting high-quality development in green transportation with its new product value.

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