【Gathering Strength for Win-Win】Shaanxi Automobile VIP Strategic Contract Signing: First Batch of 100 Tractor-Trailers Successfully Delivered!

【Gathering Strength for Win-Win】Shaanxi Automobile VIP Strategic Contract Signing: First Batch of 100 Tractor-Trailers Successfully Delivered!

As a well-known domestic commercial vehicle enterprise, Shaanxi Automobile has closely integrated its own destiny with that of the nation and its customers for 55 years. Generations of Shaanxi Automobile staff have always remembered the original mission of "striving for excellence and serving the country," adhering to the business philosophy of upholding quality to achieve the future, and dedicating themselves to creating the maximum value for their customers.

With the high-quality development of Shaanxi Automobile, customer recognition has continued to climb, and the brand value has surpassed 43.319 billion, reaching a new high. From January to May 2023, the cumulative market share in the domestic civilian market was nearly 12%, an increase of more than 2.6 percentage points year-on-year, steadily ranking among the industry leaders.

Shaanxi Automobile's VIP customers stated that since the strategic cooperation with Shaanxi Automobile in 2021, the strong partnership has allowed them to collaborate in the supply chain business. Based on the actual demand for cement and coal transport capacity, they have integrated various commercial vehicle value-added services, including complete vehicle sales, after-sales services, and financing leasing, significantly enhancing vehicle operational efficiency and greatly reducing operating costs, achieving a win-win cooperation.

The gathering of strengths for win-win outcomes marks a new beginning. This batch of delivered new generation DeLong tractor-trailers integrates public road transport capacity customization, supply chain finance, after-sales product value-added services, and vehicle internet big data into a comprehensive solution. The aim is to help reduce costs and increase efficiency in the coal transportation sub-market, creating maximum value for customers as a new benchmark.

During the event, Shaanxi Automobile, along with VIP guests and Shanghai Yuanxing Supply Chain guests, jointly signed strategic cooperation contracts for 300 vehicles and delivered the first batch of 100 DeLong M3000S new generation tractor-trailers. This move demonstrates the customers' high recognition of Shaanxi Automobile's brand and quality, and it will undoubtedly open a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win.

In the future, faced with the continuously rising logistics transportation costs, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck will continue to connect resources and strive to become an industry benchmark in the logistics transportation sub-market. They will strengthen the value operation of logistics transport vehicles and provide integrated solutions for the whole vehicle to continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency for their customers.

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