8 Major Commitments - Worry-free and Fuel-efficient! Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck Launched in Xinjiang

8 Major Commitments - Worry-free and Fuel-efficient! Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck Launched in Xinjiang

Five Power System Commitments Empower Efficient Logistics Development in Xinjiang Region.

In recent years, Xinjiang's economy has grown rapidly, and logistics transportation has risen rapidly and prospered. Moreover, compared to other provinces and cities, Xinjiang has abundant natural gas resources, accounting for 28% of the national total with a volume of 1.75 trillion cubic meters. Gas prices are also lower, and there are more CNG refueling stations. Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck is "born" under such unique conditions, and it will undoubtedly empower the logistics development in the Xinjiang region.

Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck features a super power chain composed of Foton Cummins engine and ZF AMT gearbox, with a transmission efficiency of up to 99.7%. It provides powerful horsepower and ample torque, resulting in faster transportation time. Even in Xinjiang, it can be "one step ahead, leading the way, and gaining benefits" within the same time frame. Additionally, the super power chain of Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck is integrated with the vehicle's bottom-level data, achieving integrated collaborative control and calibration for plateau, cold, and high-temperature road conditions in Xinjiang. It can demonstrate outstanding transportation capabilities even in the harsh winters and scorching summers of Xinjiang.

Furthermore, to further improve the vehicle's attendance rate and ensure worry-free driving for users, Eman provides service commitments for the super power chain (Foton + ZF) for up to 5 years of extended warranty for engine, transmission, and axle components. In case of major engine cylinder failure, direct replacement of the bare engine is implemented within 2 years without cylinder opening. Additionally, Eman promises 7 years/700,000 kilometers of free maintenance labor for other related power chain components. Each Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck enjoys the first free maintenance (including oil and filter) and a free filter replacement during each scheduled service. Moreover, if the engine fails to be repaired within 24 hours during the warranty period, compensation will be provided at a rate of 2,000 RMB/day for the excess time.

With these five sincere commitments for the power system, Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck provides comprehensive service assurance, ensuring the vehicle maintains strong power output and efficient attendance, empowering users for worry-free and efficient transportation.

Three Fuel-saving Service Commitments - Save 3-5 Cubic Meters of Gas per 100 Kilometers to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Eman's automatic transmission sales have ranked first in the national market for four consecutive years, leading the industry's development. Furthermore, Eman's automatic heavy-duty trucks are the first to achieve full category coverage including traction, cargo, dump, and special-use, fully meeting the transportation requirements of various scenarios such as green passage, hazardous chemicals, express delivery, coal, sand and gravel materials, and port operations. Eman continuously maintains the first position in 20 regional markets, including Yunnan-Guizhou-Sichuan, Heilongjiang-Jilin-Liaoning, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

In the field of natural gas heavy-duty trucks, Eman's automatic transmission heavy-duty trucks still maintain a leading position, demonstrating strong "efficient and fuel-saving" capabilities, significantly enhancing users' operational efficiency. As Super Commercial Vehicle's editor-in-chief, Niu Hanhua, stated, "The core demand for most owners choosing CNG models is to save fuel."

Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck achieves the ultimate in "fuel-saving," significantly reducing user operating costs. Firstly, it adopts an ultra-long, ultra-large volume intake pipe to ensure sufficient air intake, reduce flow losses, and pressure fluctuations, making the combustion more efficient and fuel-saving. Secondly, the engine uses a high-precision gas injection system to provide high precision gas supply under various working conditions, ensuring more complete combustion and fuel-saving. In addition, it features a unique pulse tube design, accurately controlling the exhaust gas recirculation pressure at 2.7 bar, providing more precise control and combustion, leading to fuel-saving. Furthermore, Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck's engine uses the latest generation of turbochargers with leading dual-channel twin-side flow technology, increasing turbine efficiency by 4%, reducing pumping losses from engine exhaust, and resulting in fuel-saving. Moreover, the engine of Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck has an industry-exclusive two-stage after-treatment system, an advanced coupled three-way catalytic converter system that effectively utilizes engine waste heat without additional gas consumption, achieving a 300℃ catalytic conversion efficiency and a 30% improvement in thermal management efficiency, resulting in fuel-saving.

Based on the "Three Fuel-Saving" secret, Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck promises to save 3-5 cubic meters of gas per 100 kilometers compared to similar products, saving tens of thousands of cubic meters annually with ease. Meanwhile, Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck provides a 2-year warranty for gas cylinders and an industry-leading 100,000 kilometers of extended maintenance cycle for 15L gas engines. With significant fuel savings and long maintenance cycles for cylinders and gas engines, as long as users have a stable source of goods and ample transportation orders, they can easily bridge the price difference with diesel vehicles and make substantial profits in an environment of "abundant gas."

Product is an essential tool to ensure user prosperity, and service is the guarantee for worry-free and efficient transportation. Eman's eight service commitments fully protect the user's vehicle, ensuring the interests of every truck driver. When driving Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck, users can easily achieve "effortless running and rapid profits." As many truck drivers at the event said, "In Xinjiang, driving CNG trucks is already profitable. With these solid guarantees of Eman New EST 15L CNG Automatic Heavy-Duty Truck, we can make even more money!"

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